TCP flags: Hackers Playground

TCP is a very important protocol on Internet. More than half of the traffic in Internet uses TCP. When it comes to services which require QoS (quality of service) TCP plays a major role whether it be logging into Facebook  or opening a website like the underlying protocol which takes care of “reliable” service is TCP. TCP’s dominance over internet has its advantages and disadvantages. The architecture of TCP/IP protocol suit doesn’t have any security features, what it has is algorithms for protocol timers, logics, buffering, mapping, management but there is nothing in code for its security. As Internet evolved the techniques to use it un-ethically also evolved. These techniques are nothing but exploitations of vulnerabilities in the protocol architectures. TCP being the major protocol used in internet, many hacking applications were developed which bypasses its ethical usage (we will study those tools in upcoming posts) so what are those vulnerabilities in TCP ? before we start let us have a brief look at a TCP packet structure.



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17 thoughts on “TCP flags: Hackers Playground

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  2. Thanks for this article! I’m currently learning for an exam about networks / protocols and your article explained basics in TCP much better than the presentaitons of my prof. did.

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  4. Hi Mohan,
    Can i capture TCP packets filtered out from a Data sniffer like WIreshark and send out Crafted packets from a Packet crafter? I want to do ethical hacking one of my product. Wantto know if my product responds to any spoofed packets.
    Your help is appreciated.


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